• City of Moose Jaw Summer Programs are here

    With summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning your family adventures and programs.  Start by checking out the city of Moose Jaw summer programs guide, available online here.

  • Early Dismissal Monday, May 12, 2014

    Early Dismissal today!

    The early dismissals allow our teachers to work together in teams to address student learning. These teams are referred to as Learning Improvement Teams (LITs) and will be the focus of school goals this year. An abundance of research shows that when teachers work collaboratively, student learning improves as the specific needs of students at our school are addressed.

    Should you have any questions or concerns about the LITs, please do not hesitate to contact your local school.  We look forward to an exciting year of learning together!

    Upcoming Early Dismissal Days:

    May 26

    June 9

  • Prairie South Activities During Reading Town Week

    bookIt's Reading Town Week and Prairie South Schools have lots going on! There are other activities happening in the schools like DEAR, and reading buddies, but here is a highlight of some exciting events:

    King George - Eric Wilson shared with grade 3-8 students on April 24. Saskatchewan Author Charles Anderson will be sharing the writing process with students on Thursday May 15 and the SCC has purchased a set of one of his books for students to use in a book club. During our weekly assembly this Thursday they will be featuring some of their local students work.  One example is Brayden Weinrich, a grade 7 student who published is own children's book which is now available on Amazon in print and digital formats.  Brayden will be sharing with students the process of writing his book as well as reading his book to our students.

    William Grayson - Grades 1-3 & 7/8 creating their own poetry as well as published works for readings in class and to families (1-3's). Grades 4-6 working specifically on GRR and modelling reading/shared reading as a class and then exploring guided reading/independent reading as usual. Reading Assembly Tuesday specifically as a celebration of our students reading together and working on the Accelerated Reading Program. PK's and K's "exploring books" as a class all week. DEAR times scheduled throughout the week as well. Little School House Library and its concept in supporting reading in our community introduced to our families this week.

    Westmount - hosting a reading town event on May the 8th in the afternoon in the gym. Barry Ahenakew will be coming to present the Oral tradition of Buffalo Boy and then host round dances following the Story telling.

    Cornerstone Christian School - the focus for the Grade 6 classroom's contribution to our elementary Learning Fair on the evening of May 7, 2014 is READING.  Each student will be preparing a display (diorama, sculpture, poster, etc.) depicting a recent book they've read.  As well, they will be preparing class projects on the novel studies done together this year.

    Central Collegiate – May 6 the ELA Department is doing a noon tea during which students from the Creative Writing Class share their writing and poetry with the school.

    Riverview – Book Club #23 is starting on May 7th at 7pm in the RVCI library.

    Sunningdale – Eric Wilson visited the grades 3-8 took as an early reading celebration on April 24.

    Prince Arthur - is inviting 20-30 grandparents into the school. They will get into our Family groups and read for an hour or so and then have a tea for the readers in the staff room. They will incorporate a reading or writing a thank you to the volunteer grandparents and offer them a special book to take with them home to promote reading at home. Some planned activities include book mark making, story making, story sharing, etc withreading buddies in the school.

    Empire - Reading Groups, DEAR, Paper back book exchange, poetry writing.

    Happy Reading!

  • Moose Jaw is Reading Town Canada 2014!

    reading townFrom May 3rd to 10th, 2014 the National Reading Campaign will create an exemplary model of what a reading Canada would look like. For one week, citizens of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan will weave reading into every aspect of their lives through a series of amazing events!

    Make reading a part of you life by checking out one of the great events around the city.  Click here for events and activities.

  • Spring into Reading!

    PSS Reading Ad smallerEasy ways to get your kids to SPRING into reading:

    Take books along on outings. Pack books in your beach bag, picnic basket or in the car.

    Read together. At bedtime or snack time, take the time to share a story.

    Visit the library. A wonderful (and free) place full of adventures yet to be discovered.

    Just open a book and SPRING into reading!

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